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B/N 890 - State Vesak Festival - 2016

Date of Issue:




Catalogue No.

CSL 2162

Stamp Designer.

Mr. PalithaGunasinghe

Sheet Composition:

20 stamps per sheet

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued a new postage stamp on May 22 2016 in the denomination of Rs. 15.00 to commemorate the 2560 state Vesak festival.

Naigala Rajamaha Vihara at Weeraketiya, where the 2560 state vesak festival will be held belongs to the Anuradhapura period. Established by sub-king Mahanaga in the 3rd century B.C., it had been occupied by arahant bhikkus and at a time the sacred tooth relic too had been kept there.

This historic temple which had existed as a mahavihara for many centuries had been resuscitated again during the Kandyan period in the course of time. At that time several kings such as Kirthi Sri Rajasinha had extended patronage to this temple.

It is believed that in the wooden box depicted in the stamp a statue of pure gold belonging to the Kandyan period had been once deposited. The four Gods of protection, Dratharashta, Virudha, Virupaksha and Vaishravana stand in the outer chamber and painted in the inner chamber are the Buddha statue and the two chief disciples Seriyuth and Mugalan. It is further decorated with other floral designs as well. This is called “Sataravaram Deva Viharaya”. 

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