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B/N 902–Flowers of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issueda new series of Definitive Stamps depicting Flowers of Sri Lanka in the denominations of Rs. 1.00, Rs. 2.00, Rs. 5.00, Rs. 7.00, Rs. 10.00, Rs. 15.00, Rs. 20.00, Rs. 25.00, Rs. 30.00, Rs. 35.00, Rs. 40.00 and Rs. 50.00,on 07th October, 2016.

First Day Cover

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1.00.  Impatienselongata
Status:-  Endemic
Perennial to 70 cm tall plant
Distribution:- Montane forest, especially amongst riverside rocks and waterfall    zones, or in more exposed places, particularly rocky, scrub covered slopes, locally common, 1170-2000 m alt.
2012 Red List Category:-  VU (Vulnerable)

2.00 .Ranunculus sagittifolius
Status:-  Endemic
Perennial herb, to 90 cm tall
Distribution:-Upper montane zone. In wet or marshy places, amonggrass.      Common. Flowering April to October.
2012 Red List Category :-  VU (Vulnerable)

5.00.  Rhynchoglossumnotonianum
Status:-  Native
Sinhala Name:-Diya nilla
Erect, branching herbs, sometimes reduced to a single leaf, 10-80 cm high
Distribution:-Known primarily from the montane forests of the moist and intermediate zones. Also common in South India
2012 Red List Category :-  NT (Near Threatened)

7.00. Strobilanthesviscosa var. digitalis
Status:-  Endemic,  perhaps restricted to the Knuckles Mountains.
Undershrub 0.3-2.5 m high
Distribution:-Montane forest, 900-1000 m.
2012 Red List Category :-  -

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10.00 .  Impatiens repens
Status:-  Endemic
Sinhala Name:-Gal- demata
Trailing or creeping perennial plant
Distribution:- Moist rocks in submontane rain-forest, very rare, to 950 m alt.
2012 Red List Category:-  CR (Critically Endangered)

15.00.  Gordoniaspeciosa
Status:-  Endemic
Sinhala Name:-Rathu-mihiriya
Medium-sized trees, up to 15 m tall
Distribution:-In montane forest areas of wet zone, 1270-1650 m, uncommon; flowers and fruits -Oct—Feb.
2012 Red List Category:-  EN (Endangered)

Status:-  Endemic
Sinhala Name:-Kekiri-wara
Erect shrubs, with spreading branches
Distribution:-In montane forests in wet zone, 1200—2000 m; fairly common; flowers and fruits June-Apr.
2012 Red List Category:-  EN (Endangered)

Status:- Native
Sinhala Name:-Bowitiya
A prostrate to ascending herb
Distribution:-Also in South India. Montane zone, rather common.
2012 Red List Category:- EN  (Endangered)

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Status:- Endemic
Epiphyte with non‑pseudobulbous stems
Distribution:- on trunks of trees and on rocks by streams in the submontane or mid‑country tropical wet evergreen forests from 548 to 1829 m alt.
2012 Red List Category:- VU (Vulnerable)

Status:- Native
Terrestrial, leafy herb
Distribution:- Rather common, on the slopes and hill cuttings among grass and other weeds at an alt. between 915 and 1524 m Flowers October-December
2012 Red List Category:- VU (Vulnerable)

New Name-Luisiazeylanica
Status:- Native
Epiphyte with non-pseudobulbous, rigid, branching stems     
Distribution:- Rather common, on trees in the tropical wet evergreen forests up to 762 m alt. Flowers March-June, December
2012 Red List Category:- LC (Least Concerned)

50.00. Impatiens henslowiana
Status:- Native
perennial to 1.5 m tall
Distribution:-Upland rain-forest, scrub and rocky places, frequently bordering rivers and streams or in the spray zone of waterfalls, 900—2000 m alt.
2012 Red List Category:- VU (Vulnerable)

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