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B/N 911- 1987-2017 30th Anniversary of International Year of Shelter for the Homeless

The Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued a new postal stamp to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of International Year of the Homeless in the denomination of Rs.10.00 on 12th January 2017.


Date of Issue: 12th January 2017
Denomination: Rs.10.00
Stamp Designer Mr. Pulasthi Ediriweera
Catalogue No. CSL 2211
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover


1987-2017-30th Anniversary of International Year of Shelter for the Homeless

The year 1987 was declared as the "International Year of Shelter for the Homeless (IYSH) by the UN General Assembly, on a proposal made by the then Prime Minister and Minister of Housing of the Government of Sri Lanka, Hon. RanasinghePremadasa, with the objective of drawing attention to plight of homeless people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, around the world, and it (IYSH) reaches the 30th anniversary in the year 2017.This declaration, to a significant degree, raised global awareness to the continuing distressed living conditions of the world's urban and rural poor, and consequently made conditions of homelessness, a focus of world public concern.

The declaration of the IYSH also strengthened Sri Lanka's role as a leader in providing innovative, people-centered human settlements development strategies. Sri Lanka, under the leadership of Prime Minister Premadasa had by then, designed and was implementing the pioneering "Million Houses Programme", based on an 'enabling' approach. Given added impetus by the IYSH in 1987, and formalized by the 'Global Shelter Strategy' in 1988, the principles set out in the enabling approach marked a considerable break from the provider based housing policies of the past, the world over.

During the 30 years commenced from 1987, Sri Lanka as well as other countries implemented participatory housing development programmes based on the experiences of International Year of Shelter for the Homeless and that paved way for reinforcing the national development process purposive of eradication of poverty by prioritizing housing.

His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena has declared the year 2017 as "the Year for Eradication of Poverty". At such a significant occasion of marking the 30th anniversary,poverty eradication based "SamataSevana National Housing Development Progarmme" will be implemented in Sri Lanka with the auspices of Hon. Minister of Housing and Construction Mr. SajithPremadasa.

A special logo has been designed to recollect 03 decades of housing from 1987-2017 and housing and settlement development programmes have been implemented island wide to commemorate the 30th anniversary. This process runs throughout the year 2017 commencing from the month of January, with the foremost anticipation of bringing forth a society with housing ownership by providing housing facilities for the poor.

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