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B/N 919– Vesak 2561

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued three new postage stamps in the denominations of Rs. 5.00, Rs. 10.00 and Rs. 15.00 and a souvenir sheetin the denomination of Rs. 33.00 to commemorate the Vesak festival of 2561 BE, on May 02, 2017.


Date of Issue: 3rd May 2017
Denomination: Rs.8.00, Rs.10.00, Rs.15.00
Stamp Designer: Mr. Pulasthi Ediriweera
Catalogue No. Rs.8.00 – CSL2222
Rs.10.00 – CSL2223
Rs.15.00 – CSL2224
Stamp Size: 30mm x41mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover


Souvenir Sheet

Vesak 2561

Righteous life makes happiness" will be the theme of state Vesak celebrations this year.

It is to point out the path to happiness for all beings in the world who undergo suffering that an omniscient Buddha comes into this world. The (human) being falls into suffering as a result of running after unsatisfied desires and defilements. Since such an unrighteous path drags one into suffering or dukkha, the commission of pas pavu (five-fold sins) and dasaakusal (ten unwholesome acts) is not being righteous. That is why all Buddhasexhort with knowledge of the past, the present and the future, "sabbapapassaakaranam – do not do any wrong act; kusalassaupasampada- do all wholesome acts; sacittapariodapanam – clean your own thoughts", since such a virtuous life will bring forth comfort and happiness here in this world, hereafterand finally the bliss of nibbana or the ultimate reality.

One can reach the status of being free from the unwholesome act of craving by gradually dissipating greed (loba) through acts of giving or dana. One who donates to others what one has will receive material benefits in turn as a result of such wholesome acts. Thus, offering alms will bring one food; offering clothes will bring clothes; offering vehicles etc. will bring such means and offering medicines will bring the benefit of good health. These are called material gifts or amisadana. Saving another being from death or the giving of life is abayadana (grant of amnesty). Showing another being the path of goodness by explaining good and bad deeds, wholesome and unwholesome acts, good and bad results of such acts etc. is dharma dana or the gift of dhamma. That gift is the noblest of all gifts.

People who are born with potentiality for spiritual advancement making their living environment a suitable place which pleases the mind and body can be considered as an auspicious thing. Planting of trees and looking after them will create clean air and shade.

All these activities are elements of a virtuous life that should be followed by such persons or groups of persons who are desirous of enjoying happiness of life.

Channa Peiris

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