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B/N 933 – 40th Anniversary of Sri Lanka – Korea Diplomatic Relations

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts of Sri Lanka has issued two new postage stamps in the denominations of Rs. 10.00 and Rs. 50.00, a souvenir sheet and a sheetlet of stamps on 14thNovember, 2017, to mark the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of Sri Lanka – Korea diplomatic relations.

Date of Issue 14th November 2017
Denomination Rs.10.00, Rs.50.00
Catalogue No:

Rs.10.00 :CSL2261
Rs.50.00 : CSL2262

Stamp Designer

Rs.10.00 : Mr. Isuru P. Chathuranga
Rs.50.00 : Mr. Park Eunkyung (Korea)

Stamp Size: 30mm x 41mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover

40th Anniversary of Sri Lanka – Korea Diplomatic Relations

Rs. 10.00 - The Female Kandyan Dancer

This stamp depicts the Kandyan female dancer wearing the traditional female costume belonging to the Kandyan tradition of dancing

Rs. 50.00 -Chunaengjeon (Dance of the Spring Nightingale)

Chunaengjeon is one of the Korean music court dances created in 1828 during the reign of King Sunjo. It is said that Crown Prince Hyomyeong, son of King Sunjo, created the dance to celebrate the 40th birthday of his mother Queen Sunwon. The dance depicts a nightingale singing on a tree branch on an early spring morning.

The Dance of the Spring Nightingale is characterized by elegant, beautiful movements in which a solo dancer, wearing yellow aengsam (PanlingLanshan), which symbolizes a nightingale, a chaplet on the head, and hansam (sleeves) in the five cardinal colors over both hands, dances on a flower-patterned mat. The dance was also performed in the show to celebrate the 50th birthday of Emperor Sunjong of Korea in 1923, and recordist choreography was recorded in the 'Gungjungjeongjaemudoholgi (Ceremonial order of the court dances)'. As for musical accompaniment, sangnyeongsan, jungnyeongsan, seryeongsan, yeombuldodeuri, and taryeong (traditional Korean ballad) from PyeongjoYeongsanHoesang (a Korean court music repertoire originating from Buddhist music) are performed.

Souvenir Sheet

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