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B/N 942 – Vesak 2562

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued three new postage stamps in the denominations of Rs.10.00, Rs.15.00, Rs.35.00 and a Souvenir Sheet of the Rs. 60.00 on 09th of April, 2018 to commemorate the Vesak 2562.


Date of Issue 09th April, 2018
Denomination Rs.10.00, Rs. 15.00 And Rs. 35.00
Catalogue No:

Rs. 10.00   -   CSL2277
Rs. 15.00   -   CSL2278
:Rs. 35.00   -   CSL2279

Stamp Designer

Samanthi Meeriyagalle

Stamp Size:

41mm x 30mm

Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet


First Day Cover

Miniature Sheet

Vesak 2562

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued three stamps in the denomination of Rs.10.00, Rs.15.00 and Rs.35.00 and a Souvenir sheet on 09th April, 2018 to commemorate the Vesak 2562.
“Chitthan Danthan Sukawahan” has been declared as the theme by the government for this year’s Vesak day commemorations. It means the happiness derived by controlling the mind.
Since the Chulla Suthasoma story provides to be the best example for this, and this story has been depicted in this year’s Vesak stamps.

Chulla Suthasoma Story -
The king, Brahmadatta who ruled the state of “Sudarshana” in Varanasihad a prince named Somanassa. He received the name, Suthasoma when he became a youth.
The prince, Suthasoma learnt all crafts needed for a prince and later became the King. Thereafter he took Chandra as his Queen and was blessed with children. He ruled the state with Dasa Raja Dharma principles.

The king, Suthasoma was disgusted with the laity and wanted to get ordain. In order to desert the kingship we wanted an excuse. Therefore one day, he called his barber, Kulawardhana and asked him to bring to his attention when he sees a gray hair on his head.

While the time was passing, one day, the barber was able to see a gray hair on the King’s head and pulled it out with the pair of golden tweezers and showed to the King. At once, the King assembled his citizens and announced that a gray hair has appeared on his head and he has become old and therefore wanted to get ordain.                             

On hearing this both his parents, Queen Chandra, children, Ministers and sixteen thousand women who were living in the palace as his mistresses pleaded with him not to desert the kingdom. The citizens for their part cried and even fell to the ground to persuade the king from abdicating the kingdom. All these could not convince the king to change his mind and to restrain the king from leaving the kingdom. The king then preached a sermon to all who assembled and stood by his decision. Thereafter he transferred the state to his younger brother prince Somadattha. Then from the upper floor of the palace itself he cut his hair and threw it among the people and said that he will have no any relationship with anyone in the future.

After saying this, he further mentioned that this is your state and has to be looked after by the citizens themselves. He then asked his barber to shave his beard, collected all ascetic requisites, attired in yellow robe and went away from the palace, taking only a clay bowl hanging on his left shoulder and a walking stick, in a manner no one could identify him.

The people went into the palace and could not find the king, but were able to find the king’s clothes and ornaments and came out in great sorrow. The entire city was in deep sorrow.

Since the king, Suthasoma gave up the kingship and become a Ascetic, all the servants attached to the palace and other people took their children and went in search of the ascetic reverend  by saying that they too are going to get ordain accordingly.

The ascetic reverend went to the monastery that was created in Himalaya’s by the divine son, Wishwakarma on the order of the God Sakra, where he ordained the servants and other people who came to him from his former kingdom. The monastery premises were 30 yodun in size and it accommodated all the servants and the people who were ordained by the reverend. The ascetic reverend always preached and counseled them on the evil effects of the five desires. Listening to the preaching of the reverend all those who remained in the monastery reformed their mind and at the end departed from this world. Thereafter they all reached the heavenly world.

It has to be noted that following the preaching of the ascetic reverend the parents of King Sutha-Soma were born as King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya, the Queen Chandra as Queen Yasodara and the eldest son of King Suthasoma was born as Prince Rahula. The nanny of the palace was born as Kujjuththra and the barber Kulawardhana asMugalanThero. The younger brother Prince Somadattha was born as Ananda Thero. The King Suthasoma himself was born as Lord Buddha.

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