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B/N 982 - S. Panibharatha

The Philatelic Bureau of the Postal Department has Issued a stamp worth Rs. 15.00 on February 24, 2020, to commemorate Sri Lankan musician known for his Buddhist devotional music, S. Panibharatha

Date of Issue 24th February, 2020
Denomination Rs.15.00
Catalogue No: CSL 2367
Stamp Designer WP.IsuruChathuranga
Stamp Size: 41 mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover


Siththacharige Panis was born on the 20th February 1920 in the charming, rural village of Algama in the Kegalle District of Sri Lanka.

He received his primary education at MedagamaVidyalaya, Algama and then furthered his secondary education via a Pirivena. During this time, he was under the tutelage of some excellent and distinguished Buddhists Monks including Rev. KirialleGnanawela and Rev. ThibbatuweGunananda, who imparted him with a great deal of wisdom and knowledge

At age 7, S. Panibharatha was designated the honour of performing the "MagulBera" (Traditional and Auspicious Drumming at Important Events) at the opening of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

He expanded his talent, technique and knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan Dance Forms and Drumming Skills under the instruction of his Uncle, AlgamaKiriganna.

Thereafter, upon the invitation of J. D. A. Perera, he accompanied Mr. Perera's Wife Chandralekha on her Visit to India as her Traditional Drummer. It was during this visit he met many artistic and literary personalities based in India. It was after this visit to India that he received the opportunity to further his Tertiary Artistic Disciplines at the Shantiniketan, Calcutta, India.

Upon his return to the Island, he became more renowned and better known as "SiththacharigePanibharatha".

Since then, he created and contributed many dance items to the Traditional Dance Arena of Sri Lanka.

He was the Founding Principal of the Lalitha Kala Institute and pioneered tirelessly to make it a part of the University Education system of Sri Lanka. During Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Sri Lanka, S. Panibharatha's role was monumental. Along with his apprentices and students, he showcased some spectacular items of traditional dance.

He had been an office bearer in many Sri Lankan artists' associations and trail blazed in the tutelage of both Sri Lankan and Indian Traditional Drums to his students. Other artistic endevours that he was brilliantly verse in included painting, sculpture and singing.

His contribution towards Sri Lankan Traditional Dance and "Mudra Natya" (Oriental Ballet) is immeasurable and priceless.

He embarked on his final journey upon leaving his physical presence on earth at the age of 86 on 22nd September 2005.

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