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B/N 985 Vesak 2564

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has Issued three new postage stamps to mark the Vesak 2564, in the denominations of Rs. 10.00, Rs. 15.00 and Rs. 45.00, on May 06, 2020.

Date of Issue May 06, 2020
Denomination Rs.10.00,Rs.15.00,Rs.45.00
Catalogue No: Rs.10.00 - CSL 2389
Rs.15.00CSL 2390
Rs.45.00CSL 2391
Stamp Designer Pulasthi Ediriweera
Stamp Size: 41mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover

Miniature Sheet

The theme of the state Vesak festival this year is ArogyaParamaLabha - SanthuttiparamamDhanam (Health is the Greatest Gift, Contentment is the Greatest Wealth.)

According to Buddhist literature, Lord Buddha uttered these words when King Pasenadi of Kosala, who reduced the intake of food on Buddha's advice, told Buddha that by eating less he became thin, but he felt very much lighter and enjoyed much better health. Earlier the king had gone to the Jetavana monastery after having a morning meal; one quarter basket (about half a bushel) of rice with meat curry on that day. While listening to Buddha, the king felt very sleepy and was nodding most of the time. Seeing him falling asleep, the Buddha advised him to reduce the daily intake of rice gradually, so that after a while the king would be eating only one-sixteenth part of the original amount he was taking.

Physical and mental health are great privileges and the stamps depict the contribution of Buddhist monks to alleviate the physical and mental health issues of the people.

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