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B/N 986 Faculty of Technology - University of Sri Jayawardenepura

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts will issue a new postage stamp in the denomination of Rs. 15.00 on 16th March, 2020 mark the opening of the Faculty of Technology University of Sri Jayawardenepura.

Date of Issue June 08th, 2020
Denomination Rs.15.00
Catalogue No: CSL 2392
Stamp Designer P.IsuruChathuranga
Stamp Size: 41mm x 30mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover

The present University of Sri Jayewardenepura is a result of the evolution of VidyodayaPirivena established in 1873 by the Chief Buddhist prelate Ven. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera. The reconstitutions, VidyodayaPirivena as Vidyodaya University of Ceylon in 1958, as Vidyodaya Campus of the University of Ceylon in 1972 and as University of Sri Jayewardenepura in 1978, are main points of its institutional evolution.

The Vision of the University is to 'Prosper lives through education' and the mission statement is 'We exist to Develop globally competent citizens through our tradition of education for a sustainable future, drawing inspirations from cultural heritage and wisdom'.

Technology stream was introduced to the higher secondary school education system in order to provide the opportunity for students to seek new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills. It was to adopt a national curricula driven by the imperatives of globalization and technological advances. In order to full fill the vacuum, a new Faculty was established in the first month of 2016, and took in students in the technology stream. The three batches of students are already undergoing the technology study programme. The faculty of Technology at University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the faculty for top ranked students in technology stream and first technology faculty in Sri Lanka.

The faculty of Technology offers 12 degree programme from different focus areas with an annual intake of 320 students. The Faculty offers three Honours degree programs in above different fields under the names of Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Biosystems Technology and Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology.

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