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B/N - 990 World Children’s Day – 2020

Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts has issued a new postage stamp in the denomination of Rs. 15.00 to commemorate the World Children’s Day 2020 on 02nd October, 2020.

Date of Issue October 02nd, 2020
Denomination Rs.15.00
Catalogue No: CSL 2400
Stamp Designer SamanthiMiriyagalla
Stamp Size: 40mm x 40mm
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

First Day Cover

The State Ministry of Women and Child Development, Pre Schools and Primary Education, School Infrastructure and Education Services has declared “Let’s Build Our Nation” as the theme of 2020 World Children’s Day.

In developing the above theme, the Ministry focused on five aspects, i.e. our family, our education, our happiness, our heritage and our health, with the prime objective of creating a collective sentiment and understanding about their family, society, environment, public property and the future.

In particular, it has become a challenging issue to develop children’s personality in the present society. This situation is attributable to the complexity of current society, fully-occupied life-style of parents, modern technology and trends of social networks.

In the present where society runs to bag remarkable achievements in higher education through children, attitudinal development, social principles, and values have been ignored. A child who grows up in such an environment demonstrates various unbalanced characteristics in his/her behaviour in school, family and social life.

In the process of establishing a balanced development successfully and effectively in a country, soft skills and hard skills, as well, should be developed in children. For the purpose, virtuous, law-abiding, just andskillful citizens with values should be moulded. Here, it is essential to have an overall personal development.

Accordingly, this year’s World Children’s Day theme mainly aims at creating a collective sentiment and understanding on family, society, public property and future in adults as well as children to have citizens with great virtue androbust personality in our country.

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