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B/N 874 - Christmas 2015

Updated on Monday
Sri Lanka Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts issued two new postage stamps in the denominations of Rs.10.00 & Rs.35.00 and souvenir sheet on 6th December 2015 to Celebrate Christmas 2015.

Catalog Nos. :

Rs.10.00 – CS L2131

Rs.35.00 – CSL 2132

Stamps Arts by:

Rs.10.00 – Ushani Vinodya Wijeshinghe

Rs.35.00 – R.M Parami Rathnayaka

Stamp Designer: Mr. P. Isuru Chathuranga
First Day cover Designer: Mr. Givantha Arthasad
Sheet Composition: 20 stamps per sheet

Christmas is the noblest festival celebrates by Christians in all over the world. In the beginning of the world God has created man and woman called Adam and Eve. They were fall in to the sin betraying the god and it was the beginning of the sin of the mankind. It is the greatest occasion of showing the unbounded love of God on the Mankind. According to the Holy Bible we can see many occasions of God's Mercy on Israel people, by sending several persons to redeem the Israel people who got rid of the will of the God.

Jesus Christ, the son of the God, is the symbol of the Mercy of the God on sinful people. The birth of Jesus Christ in a poor cattle mart is the most precious gift of God for the redemption of Mankind.

As Pope Francis announced the year beginning from the 08th of December 2015 as the 'Year of Mercy', we can experience the infinite Mercy of God in this season of Christmas. Let's celebrate love with others in this Merciful Christmas.

Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Ragama

Ragama congregation was attached to Kandana and Nagoda Parishes until the beginning of 20th Century and at that time they had only a little church covered with coconut leaves. In 10th of July 1888 building of the first church was initiated with the blessings of the Bishop Bonjin

As a result of the immense consecrate of Rev. Father Thegar and with the help of devotees and donations of the distinguish people of the village in 1912 Sts. Peter and Paul Church was dedicated.

In 1924, Ragama became a Parish while the period of Rev. Father Colarac. In 1957 construction of the church building was completed and in 1962 it celebrated the Golden Jubilee. In 1987 it celebrated the 75th Jubilee and in 2012 Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Ragama celebrated its 100th Jubilee with dignity

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