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Air Mail

By 1920, countries such as Great Britain, Germany, and France used aircrafts for postal conveyance.

Empire Air Service was commenced by Great Britain in 1937 for mail conveyance to Europe and Far Asian countries.

Construction of Ratmalana Air Port was completed to enable handling Air Mail service within Sri Lanka by 1935.

First Christmas air mail reached Ratmalana Airport from Karachchi by the aircraft owned by India’s TATA Company in 1936.

Daily aviation service between Colombo and Madras was started in 28th March 1938 by India’s TATA Aviation Company in collaboration with Empire Air Service of Great Britain. It carried the first aerogram from London to Colombo.

From then, a passenger flight service had been commenced from Colombo to Madras and Colombo to Karachchi as well as it was chartered at the inception only for mail delivery activities.

After the World War II Air Ceylon Aviation Service was started in Sri Lanka. After this Sri Lanka started its foreign postal service with other countries in collaboration with several aviation companies.