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Universal Postal Union

Universal Postal Union is one of the oldest international organization in the word. In an era where everything seemed to be complex Postal Administrates discussed to set up a standard and easy Postage System of with the efforts of Postmaster General of the United States of America Hon. Montgomery Blair an International Conference was held in Paris in 1863 at which it was agreed to have some consensus on bilateral and multi national Postal matters.

An International consensus on postal relationship was reached at since it has come to know that the bilateral agreements were not sufficient. For this purpose according to proposal submitted by the highest Postal Officer of North Germany Postal Administration Mr. Henrich Von Stefan, Government of Sri Lanka Switzerland conducted a conference on 15th September 1874 in Bern with the participation of 22 countries.

In the same year on 9th October an agreement was signed to form “General Postal Union”. In the 1878 Congress the General Postal Union was named as Universal Postal Union.

According to a resolution at the Tokyo, Conference held in 1969, the Universal Postal Union Day was celebrated in 1970. The name of the “Universal Postal Union Day” was changed to “World Postal Day” in 1984 at the Humburg Conference.

World Postal Day is celebrated in 192 countries all over the world every year on 9th October, on a grand scale.