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Ancient Communication Systems in Sri Lanka

Like other countries, the people of this nation also exchanged messages among themselves through various systems from pre-historical era. As mentioned in the Mahawamsa, sending message to Madurapura King with regarding the arrival of wives of several including the Prince Vijay (B.C 6 Centaury), Prince Pandukapaya receiving message from his uncle (B.C 4 Centaury) were important milestones in the pre-historic communication era. Exchange of messages between the Indian King Asoka and Sri Lankan King Devanampiyathissa was also considered as an important event. These exchanges of messages done through messengers and emissaries.

It is an important matter that kings of this country had used inscriptions to announce matters of public concern like laws, rules, regulations and intimation of wars. In addition to that, drummers, birds and animals were used to exchange messages. Enemy’s arrival was noted by making smoke from the top the mountain. Special messages from kings were sent through king’s emissary. Using an arrow to exchange messages to king or king’s officials was also an important fact. It was also the custom to throw the arrow from the place of writing of message to other end of the receiver of message.

It is important thing to maintain privacy of a message. To keep the confidentiality of this message a production clue will be attached to the receiver of the message is also an important feature of this system